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Children's twist car


According to experts, all electronic products will cause over-current in case of poor connection, ground fault, short-circuit or surge power consumption. Over-current will be a threat to the reliability and durability of the technology you are developing, and the circuit The key to protection is to protect components in electronic circuits from being damaged by overvoltage, overcurrent, surge, and electromagnetic interference. In the circuit protection of children's twisted cars, it is obvious that over-current should be taken as the focus. For overcurrent protection, overcurrent protection can be achieved using both conventional fuses and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) devices. According to the actual situation, the sales of twisted cars are mostly based on foreign trade. In order to reduce their maintenance costs, PTC self-healing fuses with overcurrent devices with self-recovery function are obviously more suitable.
Children's Twist Car circuit protection why can not be ignored?
1, because it is about life. Electric child twisting car is a convenient, fast and innovative means of transportation, users around the world, the use of a very large population base, children's twisted car design must strictly comply with automotive electronic safety standards, the need to install circuit protection devices to ensure Twist car safety.
2. As the circuit becomes smaller and smaller, the technology used is also more complicated. Child twist cars are actually all combinations of small circuits and components, and their operation also depends on the co-operation of these circuits and components. Therefore, it is crucial to protect each fragile electrical component and digital circuit from harm such as electrostatic discharge and overcurrent. Regardless of size, the failure of a component or circuit means the child's twisting car's failure, which affects the safety of the child's twisting car.
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